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Toxic Shame Workshop

Shame versus Toxic Shame

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, the definition of shame is, a painful emotion caused by consciousness of guilt, shortcoming, or impropriety.

We all enter this world depending on others for our survival. We cannot fend for ourselves and would die if our parent or parents, family, friends or others did not provide for our most essential needs. From the time we are babies, we are all wired to socialize and develop relationships that provide us with comfort, support, aid, accountability, and love. We rely on these relationships to move safely through life and gain wisdom and autonomy. This desire to connect at an early age, especially with our parent(s) or caregivers is healthy and gives us the best chance to survive and thrive. However, as flawed, imperfect human beings, those we are closest to, trust and rely on the most, may let us down. Just as we may let down those who rely on us.


Healthy Shame

As social creatures we need to feel accepted, valued and seen for who we are. When we feel shame, we feel disconnected and this strikes deep and we feel exposed in our flaws. It’s an innate response when there is discord between our internal experience and the responses from those around us.  In a healthy setting, shame provides us with the feedback and moral compass we need to correct our path and get in tune with behavior that is acceptable and will give us the best chance of success.

Toxic Shame

If the shame reaction that is received results in a sense that you are bad, worthless, unwanted, etc. the shame is internalized, and we are left feeling alone and defected. When these beliefs are repeated without repair the beliefs become internalized as truths for us. This is how shame goes from a passive state to an internalized toxic state.  A core belief is formed that underlies our very sense of self and is extremely toxic and is now the filter that life experiences will be seen through. As we are let down, we blame ourselves for the problem, try to perform our way through it and wear a mask to cover our guilt.


Toxic shame leads to a devastating cycle, which results in self-destructive behavior that negatively effects your relationships, your career, your emotions, your capability to experience joy and happiness and in effect, your entire life!

In my Toxic Shame Workshop, you will learn:

  • What is Toxic Shame

  • Where does it Come From

  • Why Toxic Shame is so Devastating

  • Importance of Emotional Needs

  • What are Maladaptive Behaviors

  • Neurobiology of Shame

  • The Importance of Story Work

  • The Importance of Authenticity

  • Healing from Toxic Shame

You will also learn other skills that encourage healing, such as:

  • Positive Affirmation

  • Internal vs. External Validation

  • Self-Compassion

The Toxic Shame Workshop is an intensive, immersive, interactive course that is a four-hour long class, conducted once per week, spanning a total of six weeks. We teach you about the devastating impact that toxic shame has on you and your loved ones. We then utilize innovative, validated, personalized techniques to identify the source of your toxic shame and teach you ways to heal from it and live your best and fullest life!

Please join us as we take this transformational journey! Learn how to love yourself, love others and live the life of your dreams, freeing you from the bondage of Toxic Shame, once and for all!