New Toxic Shame Workshop Scheduled!

New Toxic Shame Workshop scheduled for August 6th! The cost is $75 per session or $375 for entire course (normally $450), when paid in advance. Financial assistance is available, if needed.

Seats are very limited, call (352) 391-2976 today, to save your spot!

Here is what attendees say about this transformative workshop:

  • “I thought the workshop was amazing! It has truly changed my life.” Alicia

  • “Mind opening! Immense emotional healing took place!” Susan

  • “The workshop has been eye opening! My story and how I feel has been life changing!” Sharon

  • “I think this workshop was fabulous! I learned a lot about how the brain works and how we become damaged in the first place.” Paula

  • “It’s helped me to look at things completely differently and it was truly life changing to me. It has already helped me in my marriage and with my friendships and with my kids.” Sarah

  • “I greatly appreciate the experience and would highly recommend it.” Christy

  • “It truly was a life changing experience! I am now doing the inner work, healing, and feeling so much happier every day!” Mercedes

  • “I would have to say that this workshop is a life-changer for me and exceeded my expectations to become a raving fan for the workshop and Diana’s talented dedication and caring heart.” Michael

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