"Reaching the community by transforming lives and healing people emotionally" - Diana Ries

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Diana M Ries

Counselor, LMHC, RN

My story started many years ago. I decided to further my education and I was interested in becoming a Forensic Psychologist. When it came time to work on my masters program, I flipped through a catalog and finally settled on Counseling. It was never my intention to make counseling my career, it was only a means to get me to my Doctorate Program. Apparently, God had other plans. Through a series of providential events, I finished my counseling program and spent two years as a licensed registered intern learning about and honing my skills in counseling. Since that time, I have been very happy in the career that God chose for me. I am very good at what I do, but all of this credit goes to God. All of us have been given talents and gifts to use. If we discover these talents and use them for service we will be successful. Not only will we be successful we will love what we do. I am humbled as I read my reviews, and for the wonderful comments people make all the time about my services. I truly believe there’s a reason every person that walks through my office door. I work very hard to help each individual accomplish their goals. This is more than my job - - this is my passion.


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